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Powerite Kit 5A Smart Battery Charger

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Product Details
Brand: Powerite

Powerite smart battery charger and maintainer kit with clamps - 5A 6V/12V.

The charger is intended for trickle charging on lead-acid batteries and a variety of sealed, maintenance-free lead acid batteries with a nominal voltage of 6 volts or 12 volts and a capacity of 1.2 to 120 Ah as commonly installed in vehicles. Suitable batteries include:

Lead-acid batteries (WET)

Gel batteries (gel-like electrolyte)

AGM batteries (electrolyte absorbed in glass mat). Maintenance-free lead acid batteries (MF)

Not suitable for Li-ion batteries

It is equipped with a micro-processor.

You must read and understand the manual before attempted use


The charger is suitable for batteries with a capacity of 1.2-120 Ah.

It is equipped with a micro-processor. Use the MODE key to select one of the below mentioned charging modes depending on battery type, battery condition and environmental conditions.

Once you have selected the suitable charging mode, the charger will automatically detect the connected battery (voltage, capacity, charge status) and calculate the necessary charging parameters (charging voltage and current).

If you select a charging mode unsuitable for the connected battery, or if the battery is defective or incorrectly connected, the charger will not charge and the fault icon will appear. This is NOT a fault on the charger.

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